Australian Lowline Cattle of America
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Producing prime beef from heritage cattle.
Australian Lowline Cattle of America:

The Australian Lowline Cattle of America (ALCOA) is a promotional group of the Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA).  The ALCOA is focused on the marketing and promotion of Australian Lowline Cattle in the United States. 

The Australian Lowline Cattle Association is the founding breed society for Australian Lowline Cattle which was formed in 1992 with the foundation of the breed

Promotion Groups form an integral part of the Australian Lowline Cattle Association. Information and support is available for those interested in becoming involved with, or owning Australian Lowline Cattle. All ALCA members are more than happy to share their knowledge and help you in any way that they can. Additional information and support is also available from the ALCA website and Executive Office.

Become a member of ALCA to support the wonderful breed of Australian Lowline Cattle. 

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Australian Lowline Cattle offer many advantages over other breeds of cattle:  
​    owlines are very feed efficient and well suited     to grass fed beef operations.  They produce     prime beef with minimal input.  
​    Lowlines can be stocked at higher rates than     other beef breeds resulting in more beef     produced per acre.  
​    Lowlines produce low birth weight calves that     are vigorous and grow quickly.  
​    Lowlines are known for their docile     temperament and ease of handling.

Have you been dreaming of compact, beefy, cattle in your paddocks? Are you tired of dealing with ill-tempered, hard to handle cattle? Are you new to cattle and want cattle that are easy to manage.  Are you looking for a breed whose genetics you can prove and trust? Are you wanting consistency in your herd? Then look no further, the Australian Lowline is the breed for you!

Australian Lowline Cattle were developed in New South Wales Australia from the best Aberdeen Angus genetics in the world.   Every animal is backed by the security of DNA traceability.  Unlike other breeds, there is purity in the genetics of our Herd Book. All registered stock are proven via DNA testing to be related back to the Foundation Trangie Herd.
Download the new Australian Lowline Cattle brochure!
Download the new Australian Lowline Cattle brochure!